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Every investment is subject to market risk and any investment made by the client can also run into losses and even become zero.

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For Quick Services Give A Missed Call On 9755712345

Service Agreement

Service Agreement

Agreement is made and entered into this
day on
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By and between NetWorth Research & Investment Advisor, hereafter referred to as “NetWorth Research & Investment Advisor”,

hereafter referred to as the



The Client wishes to obtain advice about his/her Investment and financial affairs. NetWorth Research & Investment Advisor is in the business of providing investment planning advice to individuals and is willing to perform such services for the Client upon the terms and conditions set forth.


For there to be a successful investment advice relationship, it is agreed between NetWorth Research & Investment Advisor and the Client that:

  • FEE ONLY. We are SEBI registered Investment Advisor & our relationship will be FEE ONLY, which means our compensation only comes from your fees, not from commissions or referrals. So, you can be sure that we only have your best interest in mind, also we have not earned and charged any type of commission and referrals fee.

    As discussed, this engagement will include all services required to achieve your financial goals:

    • Setting Financial Goals & Objectives.
    • Developing a summary of your current financial situation.
    • Risk profile assessment and suggestions with risk profile test.
    • Detailed Research Report.
    • Continuous Investment advice on your investment matters.
  • CLIENT ASSETS. The Client will hold all assets. NetWorth Research & Investment Advisor will not receive, retain, or otherwise physically control any of the Client's cash, securities, or other assets.
  • CONFIDENTIALITY. All information and advice furnished by either party to the other, not disclosed to third parties except as agreed upon in writing by this contract or required by law.
  • COMMUNICATION. Only written communication is valid in this investment advisory process, oral and informal communication is null under the preview of this agreement.
  • DEVELOPMENT OF RECOMMENDATIONS. As the Client's Advisor, NetWorth Research & Investment Advisor agrees to review all information provided by the Client. The recommendation and advice developed by NetWorth Research & Investment Advisor are based upon our technical and fundamental analysis as an investment advisor and results of the recommendation and advice cannot be guaranteed.
  • LEGAL/ACCOUNTING ADVICE. NetWorth Research & Investment Advisor is not qualified to give accounting or legal advice.
  • IMPLEMENTATION OF ADVICE. The Client is free to implement of our advice and recommendation.
    • The Client agrees to provide information regarding income, investments, income tax situation, estate plans, and other pertinent matters as requested by NetWorth Research & Investment Advisor.
    • NetWorth Research & Investment Advisor shall not be required to verify any information obtained from the Client, his/her Advocate, or his/her accountant.
    • The Client is free always to accept or reject any recommendations from NetWorth Research & Investment Advisor, and the Client acknowledges that he/she has sole authority regarding the implementation.
    • The Client acknowledges that NetWorth Research & Investment Advisor cannot adequately perform services on the Client's behalf unless the Client performs such responsibilities.
    • The client shall be fully responsible for his/her computer, Mobile phone and other electronic system with mail in respect to dealing with NetWorth Research & Investment Advisor.
    • The client shall read and understand the all terms & Conditions, Disclosures and Disclaimers.
    • The Client shall sole responsible for his/her past, present and future e investment decisions and engagements which are not covered in this agreement.
    • The Client shall agree to co-operate in comply of SEBI (Investment Adviser) Regulations, 2013 and other applicable regulations.
  • RISK FACTORS. The Client acknowledges and confirms that he/she is aware that all investments involve the risk of adverse or unanticipated market, financial, political, economic, global developments which may lead to fluctuation or deep erosion of values of investments made, which may or may not be pre-determined or determinable at the time of rendering the Investment Advisory Services by the NetWorth Research & Investment Advisor.
  • Every investment is subject to market risk and any investment made by the client can also run into losses and even become zero.
  • FEE STRUCTURE. The description of fee structure is always available on website of NetWorth Research & Investment Advisor. The volume of fee is based on two factors one is services which you choose and another one is tenure of service. NetWorth Research & Investment Advisor will send the separate sheet regarding the fee and product.
  • PAYMENT OF FEE. The Client pays before the services started and from proper banking channel. All type of service is final, the NetWorth Research & Investment Advisor have no refund policy, without any exception.
    • As per our Process you have completed the Risk profiling, the Investment Decisions will be as per your Risk Group applicable and the resultant Asset Allocation will be a function of your Risk Group.
    • Risk Assessment Report, basis which we will select the Investment Products and the Categories with the Investment Product which best suits the need of the Client
    • c. Advice provided will be based on client’s Investment Objective/s and financial Situation and has reason to believe that Client has reasonable understanding on the Risks associated with the Product or Assets work, Experience & Knowledge and capacity to absorb losses.
  • BINDING AGREEMENT. This Agreement shall constitute a binding Agreement upon acceptance by NetWorth Research & Investment Advisor. This contract is personal, and solely between the Client and NetWorth Research & Investment Advisor.
  • INDEMNIFICATION. The Client agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless firm, its proprietor, officers, employees, representatives, and any other service providers.
  • GOVERNING LAW AND JURISDICTION. This agreement and any grievance, dispute, query, proceeding or claim of whatever nature arising out of or in any way relating to this agreement and services or its formation, shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Securities and Exchange Board of India. The Courts of Indore have jurisdiction of any kind of Grievance, dispute, query, proceeding or claim.
  • PERIOD OF VALIDITY. This engagement agreement shall be initially valid for service period and/or duration mentioned in your Invoice, from the date of signing the agreement and to be renewed subsequently by mutual consent of both the parties.
  • ASSIGNMENT. The client shall not assign, transfer, or in any other manner make over to any to any third party the benefit and/or burden of this agreement without the prior written consent of NetWorth Research & Investment Advisor.

If you understand and accept the above terms, Please Provide acceptance by signing the same.

Signature in below blank box

Yours truly,

NetWorth Research & Investment Advisor

(NetWorth Research & Investment Advisor is SEBI registered investment adviser)

Client Agreement Declaration

Client Consent

This is our standard client agreement upon which we intend to rely, for your own benefit and protection you should read the term of this agreement, disclosures, disclaimer and term and conditions carefully before signing. As by signing you consent to the terms contained.

I/we understand and consent to the above terms and I hereby authorize NetWorth Research & Investment Advisor to my investment adviser. The Liabilities and responsibilities of NetWorth Research & Investment Advisor will be limited to its service provided. I/we read and understand all the above said documents. I/we agree that the client agreement will come into effect from the date of issue

I know and agree on the Risk profile, Risk Score and Risk Assessment report.

I know and agree the risk involved in the market.

I know and agree on that the risk nature of services.

I know and agree to comply of SEBI (Investment Adviser) Regulations, 2013 and other applicable provisions, Regulations and Act.


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