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Every investment is subject to market risk and any investment made by the client can also run into losses and even become zero.

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For Quick Services Give A Missed Call On 9755712345

Commodity Calls

Commodity market is an important constituent of the financial markets of any country. It is the market where a wide range of products, viz., precious metals, base metals, crude oil, and energy are traded. It is important to develop a vibrant, active and liquid commodity market. This would also help investors hedge their commodity risk, take speculative positions in commodities and exploit arbitrage opportunities in the market.

The Main Drivers of Commodity Prices?
Each individual commodity has unique factors that drive its price. However, certain common factors play
a role in determining prices for most commodities:
Emerging Market Demand Supplies
The US Dollar

Why Should You Trade Commodities?
There are a number of reasons to trade commodities including:
Population Growth
Inflation Hedge
Portfolio Diversification

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We’d all like our money to grow substantially without risking our original investment amount.
Unfortunately, this isn’t possible. Almost all investment involves some degree of risk. What’s important is that you understand and are comfortable with the risks you’re taking before you choose to invest.

Investment risk is the chance that your money will not perform in the way you want or need it to Investment reward is when your money does at least what you expect it to.

Higher risk often offers the potential for higher rewards, but it also comes with a greater chance of you losing money.
Lower risk normally has a smaller chance of loss, but the growth of your money will usually be less.

Hence, it’s advised to invest only the capital that you can digest to lose.

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